My habbits are starting to be strong…

As you know i did a session of my new year’s resolution and created a bunch of points which I wanna achieve during the year.

The life habits are the most powerful and energetic part of your life, my dear. All your habbits define your success or failure in your life.

The main moving power of a new your habits is your discipline. Discipline has to develop your new habbits. As i understand only discipline can help me to add new habbits into my life.

The first step of developing new habbits is define the certain aim. Why should you have this habbit? The aim has to be tangible and achievble but a bit hard to achieve.

By example, i have to lose ten kilogramme of weight. Why should I lose them? Because of being healthy, having a great sex with your passion, being productive on your work and so on…

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